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Using size classes in Xcode 6

In the beginning, building iOS UI was fairly easy in comparison to Android. However, designing for Apple mobile devices is getting more complicated every year because of new devices. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus increases the number of devices

iOS Tutorial: Using UIPageViewController to create a content slider (Objective-C/Swift)

Navigating between content pages by swiping is a widespread behavior in iOS. Surely, it is much more convenient to scroll through the gallery or magazine articles than to go back and select the next item. However, before iOS

iOS TUTORIAL: Creating a custom tabbar using Storyboard in Xcode

Custom tabbar Custom tabbar is a quite common task for an iOS developer. It’s normal –  the look and feel of the standard tabbar in iOS 7+ is quite good, but it doesn’t suite always into the app’s

IBOutletCollection in Swift?

When I tried to write IBOutletCollection in a Swift class, I was badly surprised that Xcode didn’t help me to write it. I was wondering if IBOutletCollection is supported at all in Swift and yes it is!