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TUTORIAL: Creating custom layouts for UICollectionView

In the previous part of this tutorial, basic usage of UICollectionViewFlowLayout was discussed.  UICollectionViewFlowLayout is a powerful and convenient way to create beautiful collections, but sometimes a more sophisticated approach is needed. This tutorial will show, how

UIPageViewController: how to get current page index and current visible controller?

UIPageViewController has the viewControllers array property. The currently visible viewController is always the first one in the viewControllers array. Example: Objective-C: Swift: The easiest way to get the current index is to have the itemIndex property in every content controller and just retrieve its

Comparison of system fonts on iOS 8 and iOS 9

Background Until iOS 9 the well known system font for apps was Helvetica Neue. In iOS 9 Apple changed the default font to San Francisco. For developers it’s not a big issue as long as system fonts

Using UIAlertController instead of good-old UIAlertView

Updated for iOS 9.3 in June 2016. UIAlertView is surely familiar to every iOS developer, even newbie. However, in iOS 8 it has been deprecated and replaced with a mysterious UIAlertController. At first, UIAlertController may seem more complicated than UIAlertView – for