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TUTORIAL: Creating custom layouts for UICollectionView

In the previous part of this tutorial, basic usage of UICollectionViewFlowLayout was discussed.  UICollectionViewFlowLayout is a powerful and convenient way to create beautiful collections, but sometimes a more sophisticated approach is needed. This tutorial will show, how

Comparison of system fonts on iOS 8 and iOS 9

Background Until iOS 9 the well known system font for apps was Helvetica Neue. In iOS 9 Apple changed the default font to San Francisco. For developers it’s not a big issue as long as system fonts

Using UIAlertController instead of good-old UIAlertView

Updated for iOS 9.3 in June 2016. UIAlertView is surely familiar to every iOS developer, even newbie. However, in iOS 8 it has been deprecated and replaced with a mysterious UIAlertController. At first, UIAlertController may seem more complicated than UIAlertView – for

iOS Tutorial: Using UIPageViewController to create a content slider (Objective-C/Swift)

Navigating between content pages by swiping is a widespread behavior in iOS. Surely, it is much more convenient to scroll through the gallery or magazine articles than to go back and select the next item. However, before iOS

Backward compatibility of iOS Size Classes

New iOS Size classes provide a more flexible way to build interfaces for multiple devices. I personally like the idea of having only one interface. What I like even more is the possibility to use different layouts for

TUTORIAL: Creating an iOS App Extension to perform custom actions with Safari content

iOS App Extension From all the new features introduced in iOS 8, app extensions are definitely the most exciting ones, especially Action Extensions as they “help users view or transform content within the context of another app”

TUTORIAL: Developing iOS Applications with iBeacons in Objective-C and Swift

Since Apple introduced iBeacons in iOS 7, those small cute devices have slowly, but confidently conquered museums, exhibitions, retail stores and universities. Apple uses iBeacons in their retail stores and the technology will definitely be getting even more