First look on Apple Watch: main pros and cons

“Apple Watch is the most personal device we’ve ever created”

That’s how Apple promotes its new smartwatch and it’s now real (or will be in 2015 as Apple promises). There are already many competitors in the smartwatches market, so Apple is certainly not the first here, but they can be the best. After all, it’s a quite common practice to analyse competitors and create a product that takes best from existing solutions and eliminates most drawbacks.

Let’s make a quick review of Apple’s new product and its main advantages or drawbacks comparing to existing competitors.


+ Sapphire screen – almost unbreakable

Apple Watch uses the new screen technology, which is called sapphire screen. The new material will make the watch more scratch-resistant and tougher. Sapphire is second only to diamond on a scale of hardness. Cracked or scratched screens are a common problem for iPhone users, therefore using more resistant material is a huge step forward.

+ Familiar apps for iOS users

Apple’s Watch OS is based on iOS, so the environment will be familiar to iOS users. Siri, Messages, Photos or Maps – all favourite apps are there, redesigned for smaller screens and the Digital Crown. The new framework, Watchkit will soon bring even more familiar apps to Apple Watch. 


+ Focus on health

Health-related apps are definitely an important usage area for any smartwatch and Apple is aware of this fact. Apple has even released a special version of the device that is designed for health and fitness. It can monitor heart rate, distance, speed and provide realtime stats on burnt calories. So yes, Apple Watch will make our fitness activities more convenient.


+ Luxury design and many ways for customisation

Comparing to competitors, the design is one of Apple’s main advantages. A squared watch with rounded corners looks really stylish, so it will be not only a handy assistant for fitness and sending messages, but also a desired accessory.

Apple also surprised us with so many different customisation possibilities. In addition to different sizes, it has three different material choices, a couple of wristband options, and a customisable home screen. Yellow or rose gold makes the device even more luxury.


So previously, even if I wanted and needed a smartwatch, the ugly design of Samsung Gear or Moto360 was a stop for me, but there’s no such obstacle for Apple Watch.

+ Two sizes

The smartwatch display will come in two sizes: 38mm and 42mm in height. Does 4mm make the difference? Yes, it makes – a smaller watch looks more elegant and is more suitable for women, especially if it’s golden.


– Price

Apple Watch will be quite costly and start with 349$. It’s not yet known, how much extra will take custom wristband or rose gold. Such a price will make every person to think if it’s worth buying or not. Is the design luxury enough to pay more for it? It’s surely a fair price if we compare Apple Watch to competitors, however it’s just a watch and it doesn’t even work without iPhone.

– What’s about battery and water resistance?

Apple hasn’t said anything regarding battery of Apple Watch, so it’s a big question, whether battery will last enough to beat competitors or not. Same with water resistance.

– Needs an iPhone to use


For an iPhone user, it’s not a problem, but it will stop an Android fan from buying the device. Therefore, the potential market of Apple Watch will be limited to iPhone owners. Of course, same can be said about competitors – Samsung Gear works also only with Android, so it’s a minus for both.

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